“I don't know if it's due to the "zero negative feedback" design or the killer digital filters Charlie Hansen dreams up, but with file resolutions of PCM up to 32/384 and DSD128 the Codex is just plain musical."
Tyll Hertsens, innerfidelity.com

The Codex, manufactured in Boulder Colorado, is equally at home as a stand alone DAC, DAC/Preamp combination, or Headphone Amplifier/DAC. Encased in a sleek, elegant chassis and equipped with the latest Ayre technology, the Codex can blend seamlessly into any environment; from a simple desktop headphone system, to a high performance home audio setup. A fully balanced signal path throughout the analog circuitry provides an inherently clean and quiet backdrop for your music. The zero-feedback design maintains all of the pace and rhythm of your favorite artist, rendering your digital music as effortlessly as if it were live. Ayre has been designing products like this for over 20 years. Listen and experience what Ayre and your music are all about.



  • USB and Optical (Toslink) inputs

  • Headphone outputs: Two 3.5mm mini-phone jacks. One ¼" phone jack.

  • 3.5mm mini-phone jacks configurable to balanced mode.

  • Asynchronous transfer mode for USB input. 

  • DSD or PCM input over USB. 

  • Minimum phase digital filter. 

  • Single-pass 16x oversampling. 

  • Ayre's exclusive Diamond output circuit

  • Linear analog AyreLock power supply

  • zero-feedback, fully-balanced discrete circuitry. 

  • Equilock circuitry for active gain devices. 

  • Three-digit display volume setting (1.0 dB steps) sample rate (44 - 384kHz)

  • ESS Sabre ES9018 DAC Chip

  • Inputs Rear: Digital USB (Asynchronous) TosLink (Low-jitter)

  • Outputs Front: Headphone 1 - 1/4” 2 - 3.5mm (balanced output)

  • Outputs Rear: Analog 1pr XLR balanced, 1pr RCA single-ended



-AyreLock power supply

-Diamond output stage

-Audio Circuitry




-Custom Ayre digital filter

-Digital Capability

   •PCM up to 384 kHz

   •DSD up to 128


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