Boulder 865 Integrated Amplifier

"The live bonus track on k.d. lang's Watershed, a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", was startling in its immediact. The big hall acoustic, the power of lang's voice, the way the piano acoompaniment both anchors and sustains her - all came through. And when the understated bass comes in under lang's naked voice, I almost wept. That's not just technical perfection, it's the real thing."
-Wes Phillips, Stereophile

High-performance sound has always meant separate components, numerous cables and large space requirements. Simple, integrated solutions have always fallen short of the mark when it came to exceptional sound reproduction. In short, convenience came with compromise. Until now.


When Boulder decided to build an integrated amplifier, we were determined to create a product with the simplicity of a single-chassis design but with all of the performance and functionality of our legendary separate components. Smaller systems or space limitations would no longer be the determining factors in sound quality.


As you would expect, Boulder’s DNA runs deep throughout the 865 Integrated Amplifier. The steel-encased and isolated inputs for each channel are identical to those in the 810 preamplifier and the discrete stepped volume control comes straight from the 2010, the finest preamplifier in the world. The muscular output stage is based on the design of the 860 Stereo Amplifier, a powerful source of 150 watts that can punch its way through even the most dynamic and demanding musical passages. Even the multi-layered and damped feet have a purpose: to isolate the 865 from the surface on which it sits and eliminate the need for additional tweaks or accessories right out of the box. When engineering the world’s finest integrated amplifier, shouldn’t everything be done right in the first place?


What does all of this mean to you? It means that every album in your music collection, every song, every note will take on a new life, one where nuance is communicated accurately and honestly. Where you simply experience your music collection just as it was intended by the very people who created it. And with no compromises.


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