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Discover Music Lovers new listening room in Berkeley!

Music Lovers Berkeley 2 Channel Room

The Berkeley Music Lovers team invites you to listen to our featured system in our recently remodeled listening room. We have made dramatic improvements in myriad ways in order to build a listening space fit for any Music Lover to enjoy. The entire team was involved in the development of this room and we are excited to share the results with you.

Our featured system includes some familiar faces as well as a couple of newcomers. It begins with the freshly released Codex from Ayre Acoustics. The Codex is a fully discrete, fully-balanced DAC and headphone amp. It currently is acting as a dedicated DAC in our featured system, in this case being fed music from a MacBook Air, but also has the ability to function as a preamp with volume control. Further down the line is another Ayre Acoustics product, the AX-7e integrated amplifier. The zero-feedback design, fully-balanced circuitry, and performance volume control design ensures total purity of sound. All of which leads to the Sabrina. Recently released from Wilson Audio, this compact floor-standing loudspeaker is a work of art in every aspect of its design. From the hand assembled cabinet to the proprietary X-material, the Sabrina features technologies derived from its predecessors, such as the Alexia and even from the pinnacle of Wilson Audio's designs, the Alexandria XLF.

The entire system is connected with Transparent Audio cables and powered by Shunyata Research cables.

We hope to see you in the Berkeley store soon in our newly redesigned listening room!

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