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Introducing - Wilson Audio Yvette

We are pleased to announce the Wilson Audio Yvette!

With the success of Wilson’s large systems—starting with Dave Wilson’s original WAMM, and followed by the X-1 Grand SLAMM, the Alexandria, and most recently, the Alexx, it may be easy to forget the Wilson that most indelibly left its mark on the industry: the WATT/Puppy. The WATT/Puppy has been long touted as the most commercially successful loudspeaker over $10,000 in the history of audio. From our point of view, however, the WATT/Puppy’s most enduring legacy is its remarkable sound quality and musicality. Back when it was first introduced in the late eighties, the WATT/Puppy irrevocably redefined what was possible from such a small form. Its combination of dynamic and spatial resolution still represent worthy aspirational benchmarks today.

The new Yvette draws from this formidable tradition. But perhaps most importantly, it sources much of its technology directly from the enormous research-and-development reservoir of what is perhaps Wilson’s most prolific era of innovation to date. The Sasha Series 2, the Alexia, and Dave Wilson latest WAMM project have all informed the Yvette project, in some cases, with identical components.

Specs & details to follow!

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