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The Sonus Faber Chameleon has arrived in SF & Berkeley

Sonus faber Chameleon Announcement

With the Chameleon speaker collection, Sonus faber brings all the iconic elements that the Vicenza based company is known for to a wider, contemporary audience. Innovative style and design, quality of sound and a “handmade in Italy" craftsmanship approach to construction – these are the main features of this collection that is offered in a new price range with the usual Sonus faber level of excellence.

Chameleon embodies all of the iconic design elements of Sonus faber while offering a level of customization previously unattainable in this market segment: the entire cabinet is covered in leather; driver flanges are embellished with aluminum trims; the side walls house interchangeable side panels via a system of pins which allows for their simple removal and replacement. Thanks to this design, choosing the finish is no longer a permanent decision. Instead it becomes something that identifies the speaker, something that can evolve together with customer’s taste. Owners of the Sonus faber Chameleon will have the freedom to select the most suitable style for their environment and interior design!

For the Chameleon collection, Sonus faber's designers have developed cabinet shapes and proportions that guarantee exceptional control of internal resonance, perfect acoustics, excellent driver stability and easy integration into rooms. All the driver components are built exclusively for Sonus faber by the foremost manufacturers in the field. Extreme care is taken in the design of the crossover network to maintain Sonus faber’s standards of excellence. Specialized software used in the development of the Chameleon collection has allowed Sonus faber to design these speakers to exacting specifications. Final listening tests and ‘tuning by ear’ instill emotion and humanity into the final listening experience.

The three speakers that make up the Sonus faber Chameleon collection offer optimal solutions for both stereo music lovers as well as for those who want to create a multichannel home theater system. A floor-standing model, a bookshelf speaker, and a center channel provide a range of combinations that are wellsuited to any environment, from the largest living room to the most intimate listening room.

Sonus faber Chameleon side panels are available in 6 different finishes: white, black, metal blue, metal grey, orange and red.

Call our SF or Berkeley locations to schedule an appointment to hear the Chameleon!

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