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DCS Elgar DAC and Transport

Pre-owned, in excellent condition. Call for an audition!

Description: Remote-control D/A processor with volume and balance controls; switchable narrow- and wide-window PLL on data input; 64x-oversampling digital filter; and 5-bit "Ring DAC." Sampling frequencies: 48, 44.1, and 32kHz (standard), plus 96 and 88.2kHz (with dual-AES/EBU software option). Inputs: 2 AES/EBU on XLR jacks, 1 S/PDIF on BNC jack, 1 S/PDIF on RCA jack, 1 S/PDIF on ST-optical, 1 S/PDIF on TosLink optical. Outputs: unbalanced analog on RCA jacks and balanced analog on XLR jacks. Frequency response: "set for optimum transient response." S/N Ratio: greater than 110dB (unweighted, audio band). Measured analog output level: 3V/1V, switchable (current versions are specified as 6V/2V). Measured analog source impedance: less than 1 ohm (balanced), 51 ohms (unbalanced).
Dimensions: 16.5" (420mm) W by 2.75" (70mm) H by 14.6" (370mm) D. Weight: 33 lbs (15kg).

    $12,000.00 Regular Price
    $4,500.00Sale Price