“There are highly detailed speakers that tend to have cold tonal balances; there are warm-sounding speakers that smear or obscure recorded detail. Sony's SS-AR2 is neither. It offers a transparent window on the recorded soundstage while sounding the opposite of cold...a superb-sounding speaker with an almost full-range, uncolored balance. With its translucent wood-grain finish, it also looks superb, in an understated way. If you value recordings of the human voice—and even if you don't—Sony's SS-AR2 is a speaker you need to hear.”
– John Atkinson, Stereophile

Nothing is lost in the translation

The SS-AR2 may look like a slightly smaller version of the world-renowned SS-AR1, but it sonically carries forward its heritage beautifully. It represents the same uncompromising quest for ideal cabinet materials and components resulting in an unparalleled listening experience.


This is what reality sounds like

Like the SS-AR1, the SS-AR2 loudspeaker cabinet design enables clean, pinpoint imaging with an exceptionally vivid soundstage. Drive units from Danish transducer specialist,

Scan-Speak, produce bass with power, authority, clarity, and midrange with

outstanding detail, and high frequencies that smoothly reach 60 kHz.


A solidly serious approach to build quality

The SS-AR2’s baffle board is made from laminated instrument grade maple, harvested on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido in November, when the grain is tightest. For the rest of the cabinet, extremely tight-grained Nordic birch is laminated, curved and compressed to a thickness of 32 mm. Craftsmen precisely assemble the complex inner system of baffles and the outer cabinet, then give it a deep, lustrous piano finish that enhances the sound quality and helps protect the wood from heat and humidity.


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