Spectral Audio DMC-30 SV Reference PreamplifierSERIES 2

“Compare our new DMC-30SV reference preamplifier against the most costly and ambitious high-end preamps in the industry. We are confident you will discover the important musical difference superior engineering experience and design innovation make.”
-Spectral Audio

The DMC-30 SV Series II preamplifier is an evolutionary step forward in speed, resolution and communicates the emotional content of music at a level that simply has to be experienced.   The new SV Series II is precise, dynamic, fast and reveals the setting and intent of the musicians.


- Full feature rernote control operates all functions.
- lndicator displays are clearly visible from a distance.
- New generation high-level line output section topology
lmproved SHHA G3 ultra high speed hybrid amplifier modules with ultra precision compensation components.
- 80 volts peak-to-peak output voltage for unprecedented dynamics.
- Relays allow signal control selection at the optimal point in the circuitry maintaining the shortest signal path.
- Microprocessor "sleep mode* and silent display architecture.
- Cost no-object discrete custom component technologies.
- Custom ultra-precision mil-spec motorised studío audio volume attenuator.
- Ultra low-noise "silent power" supply system, with floating ground shunt regulation.
- Three-tiered architecture takes the signal path off the power supply cÍrcuit board.
- Balanced architecture takes maximum advantage of differential operation.
- Optically isolated protection systems for maximum signal purity.
- Custom semiconductor devices developed exclusively for this topology.
- Custom Teflon and polystyrene film capacitors in critical circuit locations.
- Bulk metel ultra precision resistors in critical signal localions.


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