Vivid Audio Giya G3 Loudspeakers

Enclosing a volume of just over one quarter of that of the G1, the new Vivid Audio G3 is the answer to those seeking the purity of reproduction of the GIYA series in a package which is easily accommodated into the more typical home environment. At a mere 3′ 9″ tall they will not dominate any room, rather blend in as functional art.


A pair of newly developed 7 1/2″ bass drivers lay the foundation on which this, the smallest member of the family is built. Retaining the motor structure and suspension profiles of the larger siblings, the C135 is well capable of producing substantial bass energy despite its reduced diameter. The top of the bass enclosure displays the now uniquely familiar curl of the tapered tube absorber to completely eliminate the top to bottom resonances and deliver sharp accurate bass.


In every other frequency band the G3 is virtually identical in performance to G1 and G2: the C125 alloy cone handles the low-mid frequencies while the D50 and D26 catenary dome drivers cover the mids and highs respectively with each being rear loaded with independent exponential horns. In a departure from the design tradition of the other models, the G3 proudly witnesses each of these absorber horns with the low-mid horn linking round to the bass absorber horn in a graceful loop which is spanned by the two smaller tubes of the mid and high frequencies.


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“The sound of the G3 at the Mirage was strikingly similar to that of the G2 in my room — a detail-rich, incredibly lively, and thoroughly transparent sonic picture that immersed the front end of the room with a soundstage that was ultra-wide and very deep. The G3s at the Mirage matched the extraordinary resolution and exceptional neutrality and refinement of the G2s in my listening room. Visually, the G3s are so eye-catching that you just can’t overlook them, but like the G2s again, when they’re playing music they sonically disappear, making the sound seem like it’s simply popping out of thin air.”
– Doug Schneider, SoundStage!

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Giya G3