The Insight Series P6i sonically presents itself in a room with the convincing authority normally associated with much larger loudspeakers. Employing planar magnetic drivers for the majority of its output, it is incredibly detailed and dynamic, and does not suffer from the sonic compression that plagues many conventional loudspeaker designs. The P6i provides stunning, lifelike dynamic music reproduction that belies its slim profile and compact design.


The Insight Series™ brings key core technologies and performance characteristics of the award-winning Sage Series® to more accessible price points. Each Insight Series model incorporates both newly developed planar magnetic thin-film drivers and moving coil woofers, all proprietary and designed by Wisdom Audio. Unlike the fully active Sage Series, the Insight Series utilizes precision passive crossover networks making it possible to drive each speaker with a single amplifier channel, and use of the SC-1 System Controller optional.


Six of the same proprietary woofers used throughout Insight Series models mate with a unique MTM Planar Magnetic Driver array for the midrange and treble. The MTM array provides the same level of transparency, detail, and instantaneous dynamics as the 24-inch Planar Magnetic driver used in the L8i line source (in multiples), but is a much smaller package optimized for the space requirements associated with the P6i. We encourage you to learn more about the advantages of our proprietary planar magnetic drivers here.


The P6i is a point source loudspeaker like the vast majority of loudspeakers available in the world. Point sources radiate their sonic energy outward in an expanding sphere, as though from a point in space. The P6i is also the Insight Series flagship center channel where horizontal placement of the loudspeaker is a requirement of the installation. In rooms where an acoustically transparent screen is being used, it can also be used vertically. The P6i is the perfect complement to a pair of P6i (or L8i line source) left and right channels.


Slim and elegant in design, the narrow aspect P6i becomes one with the wall, via its paintable grill, blending nicely into a variety of décors where traditional loudspeakers might otherwise intrude excessively on the room’s appearance.


In the classic manner of trickle down technology, Wisdom Audio is proud to offer an extension of our essential core technology with the Insight Series. Maintaining some key benefits of our Sage Series, the P6i and its three siblings are ideally suited for the listener that demands both superior performance and a less complex installation. Comparable only to the more sophisticated, award-winning Sage Series, these amazing loudspeakers continue the evolution of Wisdom Audio’s performance-driven architectural solutions at the pinnacle of the category. Whether the Insight models are used for an entire system or mixed with Sage models, the performance will always provide a compelling and rewarding listening experience.


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“I’m totally smitten with Wisdom Audio’s Insight P4i and P2i in-wall—I mean, architectural—speakers. They are an absolute delight to listen to. Regardless of the source material, be it musical or cinematic in nature, the P4i speakers never caused me a moment of disappointment. Yes, planar magnetic drivers are uncommon, but they proved themselves here to be uncommonly good. If you’ll pardon the pun, without a doubt, these Insights are out of sight.”
– Darryl WIlkonson, Sound & Vision


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