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The Music Lovers Audio Story

A Perfect Match

The Music Lovers story begins in the late 1980s in the Bay Area in Northern California. As former customers of Bay Area audio shops, Jae Wheeler and Hugh Fountain perceived a need that any existing shop at that time still needed to meet. That need was for an exact match between the customer and the audio system they owned. As a result, each room in our two brick & mortar Bay Area locations has a complementary and appropriately matched set of components for any given system. In addition, we cater to the needs of individuals, each possessing a different set of tastes and desires. This dedication to how a store should interact with customers means that each room has many possible audio system configurations.


While switching devices makes the job supposedly easier for staff members of an audio shop, switching devices only get in the way of the true sonic nature of a component. So switching devices are never used at Music Lovers. Instead, coupled with a competent, informed, and friendly sales staff, our customers have their needs met strictly based upon empirical listening sessions. Few customers have the same system, but all leave the store with the same high level of service.


A Long Term Relationship

This service does end when the customer leaves the store, it continues long after the customer's purchase. Any time a client has a question about possible upgrades, Music Lovers provides an answer. Any time the equipment requires service, Music Lovers delivers that service. Our unique knowledge of the customer's likes and dislikes allows Music Lovers to point the client in the right direction. We build relationships with the customer. Just as a person might have a plumber, a dentist, or a family doctor, Music Lovers is the audio equivalent. We provide the client with the tools and services necessary for an enjoyable and emotionally stimulating platform for the love of movies and music. Music Lovers fosters this relationship with its customers, many of whom still shop here since we opened our doors in 1989 at Walnut Square in Berkeley, California.


Our current locations at 2116 Blake Street in Berkeley, CA and 2295 Bush Street in San Francisco, CA feature several rooms, each capable of displaying two-channel stereo and home theater systems. We are incredibly fortunate to have the spaces necessary to meet your requirements.

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