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  • Do you do repairs?
    No, we do not do any in-house repairs. We only facilitate warranty repairs directly with a manufacturer if you purchased the product from Music Lovers. If you have any issues with a product you purchased from Music Lovers, please contact us for assistance.
  • What is the Music Lovers trade-in/upgrade policy?
    When you purchase from Music Lovers, you also gain the benefit of our LIFETIME trade-up program. Music Lovers only accepts a trade-in of an item purchased from us towards a new item double the sale price of the original item. Depending on the item's age, condition, and if it has the original packaging/accessories, you may receive up to 100% trade-in credit (less sales tax) towards your new purchase. The trade-in credit scales depending on certain criteria such as: - If the trade-in item is current or less than one year old. - The item was purchased from Music Lovers. - If the new purchase item is twice or more than the trade-in item. - If the new purchase item is not quite twice the amount of the trade-in item, then the trade-in amount will be 50% of the new purchase item. - The item must be in excellent working/cosmetic condition - The original packaging, materials, accessories, etc. are included with the trade-in item. You receive UP TO 2/3 amount (less sales tax) of credit towards your next purchase which scales on certain criteria such as: - If your item is discontinued and older than a year from the purchase date. - The item was purchased from Music Lovers. - The item is in excellent good working/cosmetic condition. - The item has all of the original packaging, materials, accessories, etc. Depending on the situation you can generally expect anywhere from 25%-100% trade-in credit towards your new purchase regardless of the age. If you require more details or are considering upgrading an item you purchased from us, it's best to contact us: *You can only trade-in towards a like item (ex: amplifier for amplifier, speakers for speakers, etc), you can not combine multiple items towards 1 item. *Special exceptions apply to Video, Phono Cartridges, Headphones and some other item types.
  • What are your store hours?
    The Berkeley and San Francisco locations are open Tuesday-Friday 10:30AM-6:30PM PST and Saturday 10AM-6PM PST. The stores are closed Sundays and Mondays.
  • Will you buy my used equipment?
    We take trade-ins of equipment originally purchased from Music Lovers via our lifetime Upgrade Program. Ask us how!
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