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Whole Home Audio/Video Solutions


Create Your Own Smart Home with Whole Home Audio and Video Solutions


What if you had the ability to access your playlist of music or your favorite movies from anywhere in your house? You could quickly and easily create the perfect atmosphere in any room as your entertainment system is integrated seamlessly throughout the design of the home itself.


Designing a New Home with Entertainment in Mind


Music Lovers is a fully licensed contractor, qualified to work with your architect or interior designer when building or remodeling your home. We can work to create a whole house audio/video distribution system that is tailored to your interior design goals.


Accessing a Centralized Source of Entertainment


We can create a whole-house entertainment center that makes it simple and easy for you to store and organize your media in one place. Using the latest software and server based solutions, we can help you to create the ultimate media database that can then be accessed from anywhere in your house.


Your music or video can be controlled either through hand-held devices or control panels that are discretely installed in the walls of your rooms. After over 25 years of installing whole house A/V systems in the Bay Area, our team has perfected the art of incorporating these solutions into your interior design.


Enjoying High-Quality Images and Sound Throughout Your Home


Music Lovers specializes in the design and installation of high-end audio and video equipment. When we create whole home entertainment systems, we study the design of the home carefully, and take the preferences of the homeowner into strong consideration, in order to determine the product options that will deliver top results.


At Music Lovers, you will find a team of experienced technicians that are passionate about what they do. Our team will happily continue to consult with you and present solutions until we are able to deliver the audio and video results you desire. Homeowners throughout the Bay Area turn to us for solutions to all of their entertainment challenges because they know we will help.


Whole House Entertainment Solutions to Fit Any Need


These centralized media home systems are usually associated with the design and construction of multi-million dollar houses. Music Lovers is proud to offer a wide range of solutions that will work in nearly any home. We have the experience necessary to complete installations of any size or complexity.


If you are interested in installing a whole house audio/video system in the Bay Area, call Music Lovers to schedule an appointment.


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