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Atherton Home Theater Design and Installation

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Look no further for the best provider of quality, high-end audio and video equipment installation in Atherton and the Greater Bay Area. Music Lovers Audio in San Francisco and Berkeley brings custom designed stereo, computer audio, and home theater systems right to your door.

In business since 1989, Music Lovers rose quickly on the high-end audio scene due to the dedication of owners Jae Wheeler and Hugh Fountain to a timeless philosophy of meeting customers’ specific needs rather than throwing a blanket solution at them that’s created solely for selling the most expensive equipment.

Computer Audio

Storing music on your computer allows you to have a much larger music collection than you might otherwise, but how easily are you able to access it? Music Lovers will custom create storage, access, and listening solutions so that your digital content is not only convenient to get to but amazingly optimized for listening.

Stereo Systems

High-end, custom stereo installation in Atherton is just a phone call away. Using information gathered from you, the client, our expert staff decides on the ideal configuration of components for your specific listening needs. There’s no on-size-fits-all solution to home audio and Music Lovers has years of experience designing just the package for you.

Whole Home Audio/Video

Smart homes are becoming more and more prevalent and if you’re building or renovating in Atherton, you too can have an integrated, whole house sound system set up exactly how you want it and built directly into your home’s infrastructure. Your entire playlist will be accessible from your mobile devices, or via discreet, in-wall touchpads.

For your peace of mind Music Lovers is a licensed contractor, qualified to work directly with your builder in the layout and installation of your home audio system.

Home Theater

It’s vital to have your home theater professionally installed and calibrated, and if you live

in Atherton there’s no one better qualified to perform this complex task for you than Music Lovers. From gorgeous, high-resolution 4K TV to authentic theater surround-sound with Sonos speakers, our staff is experienced in tailoring the total package to your entertainment needs.

Whether your audio needs consist of a set of wireless headphones for exercise or an entire high-end home theater system, Music Lovers is the best choice for custom installation and service of your audio/video equipment. For service in Atherton contact either one of our stores.

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