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Music Lovers Audio - Berkeley, CA

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When Music Lovers Audio opened its doors in 1989, we had one driving philosophy: devote ourselves to the long-term needs of our potential clients and blow them away with well designed systems which produce unparalleled sound and video excellence.

As we carefully complete the finishing details of our third new Berkeley location, our philosophy stands unchanged. Our devotion to our clientele as well as our unwavering dedication to providing the absolute best in audio, video, design and integration remain the same. Our new location at 2116 Blake Street, while providing a modern streamlined stage to show what we feel is the most powerful equipment line-up in the world, maintains the cozy real-world Berkeley appeal for which we have come to be known.

Upon entering our new showroom, visitors of our previous locations will notice a brave new look, a vast array of new sophisticated devices adorning our new digs, but also many of the same systems, techniques, and faces you have come to know and trust.

Call ahead for an appointment and let us configure a custom system in either of our dedicated stereo auditioning rooms or either of our surround sound theaters. Or you are welcome to just drop on by anytime, utilize our off-street parking and let a member of our friendly, experienced sales staff give you a tour and guide you on your path to audio/video perfection.

It is our love for music which drives us to be the most successful high-end shop in the Bay Area. It is your love for music that has allowed us to do so for over 25 years.

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