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Audio/Video Design and Installation Hillsborough

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Music Lovers is the perfect all-inclusive audio/video installation solution for those in Hillsborough and the surrounding Greater Bay Area. We operate on a philosophy of 360 degree service – from the first time you walk into one of our state-of-the-art listening rooms to the day you decide you upgrade we will be there, going above and beyond to deliver total customer satisfaction.

Computer Audio

Music in the digital age is a wonderful thing, but it can be tricky organizing all those file types and coaxing the best sound out of your digital system. Our skilled staff can show you the amazing sound you can get out of a server-based system, as well as use cutting-edge software to organize your collection and show you how to easily manage and access your files – your favorite music will be right there at your fingertips the second you want it.

Stereo Systems

Imagine an audio system that knows not only what kind of music you like, but also whether you prefer a little extra bass, or maybe a touch more treble; a system that seems to intuit exactly how to deliver your favorite music with the perfect clarity, the perfect richness, the perfect, well, everything. That’s just what Music Lovers Audio does. We take every aspect of your listening preferences and environment into account and craft a stereo system made just for you, using only the best high-end components and delivered and installed for you in Hillsborough and the entire Bay Area.

Whole Home Audio/Video

Not only does Music Lovers design custom high-end audio/video solutions, we’re also licensed contractors, which allows us to work with your builder to integrate the perfect whole-house “smart home” centralized media system. Enjoy access to your playlist from literally anywhere in your house, delivered with rich, full sound that stirs and inspires. If you’re renovating or building a new home in the Hillsborough area, call us for a free walkthrough.

Home Theater

Setting up the ultimate home theater experience can be complex. The high-tech options available, such as 4K TV, are no longer plug-n-play. The components should be professionally installed and calibrated to optimize the visual and sound experience.

Our technicians come to you in Hillsborough in order to size up your space and design the perfect system for your needs.

Call us today for a free walkthrough!

Whatever your audio/video needs, Music Lovers provides outstanding customer service and top of the line equipment from wireless headphones through ultra-high-resolution 4K TV, crystal clear Sonos speakers and more. Visit us in Berkeley or San Francisco to hear for yourself.

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