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Larkspur Home Theater Design & Installation

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If you’re looking for high-end audio/video installation in Larkspur and the Bay Area, Music Lovers Audio is your one-stop shop for premium sound products, service, installation, and upgrades. Owners Jae Wheeler and Hugh Fountain had a vision – not just top tier components, but custom designed systems that meet the total needs of their customers. 

When we put together a sound or image package for you, we take into account your specific tastes as well as the space in which the system will be used. We follow it up with outstanding customer service because that’s how we think it should be done.

Computer Audio

Many people become frustrated with their digital music collection because of the variety of file types and the lackluster sound produced by their computers. Through the use of server-based storage, the latest in organization and management software, and top of the line sound equipment, we help you get your collection in order and enjoy it the way it was meant to be heard. Our cutting-edge digitized solutions will tame your musical mess and put your favorites right at your fingertips. 

Stereo Systems

Stereo systems are personal – you want a well-planned entertainment center comprised of the best equipment and fine-tuned to your specific tastes. The passionate staff at Music Lovers will help you achieve that goal. Visit our listening rooms in San Francisco or Berkeley to experience the possibilities. Once you hear how amazing your music experience can be with high-end sound equipment like Sonos speakers, we will come to you in Larkspur and install the entire system.

Whole Home Audio/Video

Centralized media systems used to be for the rich and privileged. Now, thanks to Music Lovers being a fully licensed contractor, you can have custom whole-house audio installed in virtually any home. Our experienced technicians work with your interior designer or builder to integrate your dream system into your home’s very wiring, allowing you access to your entire playlist from any room via hand-held devices or in-wall touchpads. Building or renovating in Larkspur? Call us for a free onsite audio system consultation.

Home Theater

You know you want the authentic home theater experience but you don’t want the hassle of figuring out how to install it. Our home theater experts come to you and assess your space and needs, then design an install that is perfect for you. From cutting edge 4K TV to wireless headphones for quiet viewing, whatever your desires, Music Lovers will customize the right video package for you.

For audio or video installation in Larkspur and the Greater Bay Area, call or visit one of our showrooms.

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