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High-end Home Theater Design & Installation Orinda

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Full-service high-end audio and video installation can be tough to find. Music Lovers, with locations in San Francisco and Berkeley, can create a custom sound experience for you, with audio/video installation in Orinda and the surrounding Bay Area.

Why is Music Lovers different? When they came onto the audio scene in 1989, owners Jae Wheeler and Hugh Fountain quickly saw a deficit in the high-end audio equipment market. They realized that even though they could simply sell you the most expensive components available, that wouldn’t guarantee you the best sound. Instead they take into account your music tastes, existing equipment, and home layout to craft the optimal listening experience for each individual.

Computer Audio

If you’ve hesitated to convert your extensive CD collection to a high quality server-based system, let our experienced technicians show you how incredible the change can be. We make organizing, managing, and accessing even the largest variety of music file types into a simple, pleasurable experience, delivering not only ease of operation but the clearest, highest quality sound possible as well. We provide both digital to analog converters and USB to SPDIF converters, along with follow-up service and upgrade options.

Stereo Systems

The passionate staff at Music Lovers understands that a stereo setup is a very personal thing. Step into our sound rooms and let us work with you to custom build the perfect blend of components to deliver the sound quality that speaks to your soul. Because we don’t use switching devices, you are guaranteed a genuine listening experience. We carry an extensive selection of only the highest quality audio and video devices, with respected brands like Wilson Audio, Audio Research, Sonus Faber, dCS, Boulder and Clearaudio. We’ll deliver you a total sound package that fits like a glove.

Whole Home Audio/Video

If you thought centralized media systems were only for millionaires, think again. As licensed contractors, we can work with your builder or interior designer to integrate a whole-house system that allows you to access your playlist from any room. Our experienced technicians have years of experience installing “smart home” media systems in all sizes and types of homes. If you’re building or renovating in Orinda, call one of our offices to schedule a walkthrough.

Home Theater

Gone are the days of plugging in the TV and cable box and relaxing in the La-Z-Boy. Home theaters are the wave of the future – and the present for that matter – and Music Lovers can guide you through the complex maze of component choices, perform expert installation and calibration, and provide you will follow-up service and upgrades whenever needed. We don’t leave until you’re fully satisfied and comfortable with operating your new system.

From wireless headphones to state-of-the-art 4K TV, Music Lovers has all aspects of your sound experience covered. Call now for installation in Orinda and the Greater Bay Area.

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