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Audio, Video and Home Theater Installation San Mateo

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Music Lovers is the perfect solution for audio/video installation in San Mateo. With two locations – in Berkeley and San Francisco – we provide full-service high-end audio, video, home theater, and smart home installations.

Music Lovers Audio was started in 1989 as a Greater Bay Area boutique audio shop focusing on custom sound creation. Owners Jae Wheeler and Hugh Fountain have not strayed from their philosophy that the optimal audio experience must be crafted from a combination of the client’s specific desires and the ideal mix of high quality equipment that will satisfy those desires. They and their skilled staff will go the extra mile – literally – to deliver you the best audio, and service, available in San Mateo.

Computer Audio

Let Music Lovers optimize your digital listening experience. Many times people save audio files in multiple formats, leading to inconvenient access and inconsistent sound quality. Our experts will design the perfect solution to your needs by taking into account the aspects of computer audio that matter most to you, whether that’s simplicity in accessing files, storage space maximization, or the sound itself.

Stereo Systems

There is no universal stereo system that is perfect for every customer. Most people know they want their equipment to “sound good” but aren’t sure how to achieve exactly the effect they want. That’s where we come in. Our dedicated staff will help you identify exactly what elements of music speak to you most and custom design a system that will emphasize those elements. We also take into consideration where and how the system will be used, and recommend components that best serve those needs, rather than just trying to sell you the most expensive brands available.

Whole Home Audio/Video

For customers who are renovating or building a home in San Mateo, Music Lovers is a fully licensed contractor that is able to work with the interior designer or architect in order to integrate a whole-house audio experience, making your playlist accessible from anywhere in your home either via discreet touch controls built into the wall, or through your mobile devices.

Home Theater

Home theater design is complex, and our knowledgeable experts will guide you through the process – from equipment choice and layout, to installation, to assisting you in learning how to operate your system. We stay with you until you are completely comfortable with your new home theater.

Whether you’re in the market for state-of-the-art 4K TV, high quality equipment like Sonos speakers, or simply a pair of wireless headphones for jogging, Music Lovers, a leading provider of high-end audio and video serving San Mateo and the entire Bay Area, will deliver you an amazing optimized sound experience.

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