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Home Theater Design & Installation San Rafael

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Music Lovers Audio provides premier audio and video components with a twist – we custom design and install your system, tailoring the sound experience to your specific tastes. If you need high-end audio design and installation in San Rafael, visit one of our locations in Berkeley or San Francisco.

Computer Audio

Our cutting-edge digital solutions will optimize your music experience and help you manage and access your collection with ease. Server-based systems offer high quality sound and superior file management, making sense of the sometimes confusing array of file types that come along with this digital music age. We use state-of-the-art software coupled with top brand components like Sonos speakers and Sennheiser wireless headphones to build a system that will not only be convenient, but a true pleasure to use.

Stereo Systems

Nothing sounds better than a stereo system custom designed specifically for you and that’s exactly what Music Lovers delivers. We assess and identify what it is you love about sound and we incorporate that into the best combination of components to achieve the full, clear audio you want. We also take into account the size and type of space you’ll be listening in so we can design a system that will sound just as good where you are as it does in our listening rooms in Berkeley and San Francisco.

Whole Home Audio/Video

“Smart homes” don’t have to be million dollar mansions. Music Lovers Audio is a fully licensed contractor and can coordinate with your interior designer or architect to design and install a customized, built-in audio system that puts your favorite music at your fingertips – literally – through the use of discreet in-wall touch panels or hand-held devices. We have years of experience designing and installing state-of-the-art whole home systems that bring a professional sound experience right into every room of your home. Call us for your free walkthrough if you’re building or renovating in San Rafael.

Home Theater

Home theater entertainment systems are amazing but complex. Let our home theater technicians come to your home and assess your space. We take into consideration your priorities, wants, and needs, and use the answers to those questions to custom design a setup that will perfectly suit your goals. Home theater is more than a big screen 4K TV and loud surround sound. Special settings should be adjusted to give you optimal sound and image. By employing professional installation and calibration you get the maximum performance out of your home theater suite.

If you’re interested in have custom audio or video installed in your San Rafael home, call or visit us today.

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