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Home Theater Design and Installation Tiburon

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Music Lovers Audio is the ultimate all-inclusive provider of high-end audio/video equipment and installation in the Tiburon and surrounding Bay Area regions. For more than a quarter of a century owners Jae Wheeler and Hugh Fountain have been giving customers a truly unique experience – a perfect blend of high-quality components and outstanding customer service.

Because we’re under no obligation to sell you a certain brand, we have the freedom to create the ideal sound system for you; whether that includes dCS, Sony, Audio Research, Paradigm, or one of the many other top tier audio and video brands we carry, we make sure that your listening experience is as crisp and full as it can be.

Computer Audio

Believe it or not a server-based system can deliver mind-boggling sound that tops even the best CD system. Let us help you organize your music collection – whether it resides in audio files on your computer or on CD, we can put together a complete system for management and easy access. DAC (digital to analog conversion), CD up-converting, premium sound, we do it all. Our friendly staff will work with you to design a custom digital sound solution.

Stereo Systems

Have you ever felt like a stereo system was designed with exactly your musical tastes and listening preferences in mind? Welcome to nirvana – Music Lovers does just that. Our skilled staff is passionate about providing you with the best fit for your music needs. From high-quality wireless headphones to only the best components like Sonos speakers, we provide you with customized sound packages that are unequaled in the Tiburon and Greater Bay Area.

Whole Home Audio/Video

If you have dreamed of a completely integrated, whole-house centralized media system that allows you access to all of your music from any room in the house, Music Lovers Audio is your go-to installer. We not only customize your system to your needs and wants, but we’re also licensed to work with your architect to incorporate amazing sound into the very infrastructure of your build. If you’re renovating or building a new home in Tiburon, call one of our offices to set up a free walkthrough.

Home Theater

Once our home theater technicians set up your custom theater system, you may never want to leave home again. From luxurious 4K TV to lifelike surround sound delivered by Sonos speakers, Music Lovers provides you with everything you need – from layout to equipment service – to enjoy a total theater experience right in your own home. Our philosophy of total customer satisfaction means you can be 100% confident in your audio/video investment.

For audio/video installation in Tiburon, call or visit one of our locations today.

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