Audeze removes the boundaries between artist and listener combining revolutionary acoustic engineering and beautiful craftsmanship to provide the finest listening experience.


Get a taste of listening to your favourite music in total intimacy. No sooner were they launched, than Focal's high-end headphones were recognised as being the best in the world, and they’ll satisfy your demands for pure sound.


The Grado family makes exquisite headphones by hand in their Brooklyn facility. Each iteration of their products represents a significant step forward in sonic reproduction. Their headphones have already been called "The finest electricity-to-sound transducer in the world".


German crafted high-end headphones. No matter what you expect from your headphones or headset: there is a Sennheiser for you, offering high-quality design and the legendary Sennheiser sound.


Sony Hi-Res Audio headphones were made for listeners who are serious about hearing the finest audio quality wherever they go.