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Coming Soon: Wilson Audio - The WATT/Puppy

Music Lovers is delighted to announce the unveiling of Wilson Audio's most recent loudspeaker innovation, The WATT/Puppy, to coincide with Wilson Audio's monumental 50th Anniversary celebration of Excellence in all Things.

Official Launch Date: June 7, 2024

The new Wilson Audio The Watt/Puppy side view.

First W/P Prototype and The WATT/Puppy

The rod handle on the rear of the original WATT was initially designed in 1985 as a practical way for David Wilson, founder of Wilson Audio and a recording engineer at the time, to transport his custom-made studio monitors to recording sessions. This functional and robust handle has since evolved for The WATT/Puppy. The current design is stylized for a secure and comfortable grasp at any angle. Similar to the original WATT handle, the new handle effortlessly supports the weight of the WATT during transportation and installation.


Golden Anniversary

Wilson Audio’s 50th Anniversary medallion was created to commemorate five decades of Authentic Excellence in sound reproduction and craftsmanship. Available exclusively throughout 2024 on The WATT/Puppy during Wilson Audio's historic 50th celebration, this limited-edition medallion is a badge of honor for this remastered iconic design. The color of the medallion corresponds to the color hardware chosen for The WATT/Puppy. Whether Clear or Black hardware is selected, the medallion will mirror that finish. Additionally, a unique Red medallion will exclusively accompany red paint variations chosen for The WATT/Puppy, making this version the rarest of them all.


Material DNA

The original WATT/Puppy underwent a total of eight evolutions from 1986-2011. These eight iterations utilized a variety of materials, each strategically integrated and available during their respective development periods. Each evolution of material usage pushed the boundaries of what was achievable in loudspeaker capabilities at the time.

In the early years, Puppy enclosures employed a laminated 60-lbs version of High-Density Fiberboard (HDF), while the WATT incorporated Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA).

Thirteen years after the retirement of Series 8, The WATT/Puppy now is constructed with the most refined versions of X-Material for the internal bracing and external enclosure, S-Material for midrange coupling to the front WATT baffle, and V-Material for the top of the Puppy, serving as the vibration-sink interface for the WATT.

Each of these unique materials is meticulously chosen for its specific performance characteristics, whether in the realms of vibration control or sound reproduction. This commitment to material excellence is one of many elements that ensures The WATT/Puppy delivers the best audio quality possible for this relatively compact design.


AudioCapX-WA Capacitors

Wilson Audio's proprietary AudioCapX-WA capacitors are uniquely wound in-house to meet extraordinarily tight tolerances. This process enhances low-level resolution, revealing the subtle nuances of sound reproduction with remarkable clarity and depth.

Elevating their commitment to sonic purity, Wilson Audio developed a new copper version of the AudioCapX-WA capacitor, a similar design initially unveiled with the esteemed Sasha V series. This iteration has been further refined with copper end-spray and gold leads, ensuring that high-frequency micro-details are rendered with exquisite resolution. Additionally, Wilson's new woofer capacitor has also been reengineered with lower inductance. This thoughtful approach ensures that low-frequency (LF) information integrates seamlessly with the mid-range material resulting in a cohesive and emotionally engaging soundstage that provides rich sonic texture.


Driver Technology

Wilson Audio’s early years of speaker design utilized materials and construction methods that were popular at the time. Drivers throughout the company’s history have been made with a variety of components: fiberglass, aluminum, polypropylene, and titanium diaphragms, to name a few. The engineers at Wilson Audio are constantly developing, researching, and evaluating material options, including exotic and trending materials. A thorough set of evaluation protocols yields results for each device under test, with the most important parameter being whether the sound is believable and natural. Each of these iterations must represent an authentic step in creating a system that contributes to audio fidelity.

1” Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC)Tweeter

When Wilson Audio introduced its cutting-edge and complex carbon fiber rear-wave chamber technology in the Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC)tweeter it allowed for smooth and linear high-frequency extension. Superior harmonic detail emerged from the soundstage and the overall result is a significant improvement in sound quality and ease of listening.

Originally developed for the Alexx V, the CSC tweeter is also integrated into the Alexia V and Sasha V systems. This delightful coated textile dome tweeter naturally and seamlessly blends with the AlNiCo midrange and dual woofers it is paired with.

7” AlNiCo Midrange

Wilson Audio has integrated its beloved 7-inch AlNiCo (Aluminum- Nickel - Cobalt)

QuadraMag midrange driver developed and used in the Chronosonic XVX, Alexx V, Alexia V, and the Sasha V. This refined technology produces atonally rich and exquisite sound in the audio band that the human ear is most sensitive to, resulting in a truly engaging listening experience. The AlNiCo QuadraMag driver is renowned for its exceptional ability to settle and maintain linearity resulting in greater depth and dimensionality.

The WATT baffle is composed of a unique blend of materials that create a highly stable and low-resonance coupling surface for the midrange driver; the effect enhances the sonic beauty and bloom of the QuadraMag.

Twin 8" Woofers

When asked what drivers are included in The WATT/Puppy, the simple answer is, “The same drivers found in the Sasha V.” This includes the same nimble and articulate 8” formed homogenous cellulose composite woofers. These woofers have been designed to deliver an agile low-frequency response, ensuring an audio experience that is both impactful and precise.

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