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Introducing: Wilson Audio Sasha V

Updated: Jun 9

Keep checking back for updates on the new Wilson Audio Sasha V floorstanding speakers in the coming weeks! Get in touch with us for any questions.

Wilson Audio Sasha V

The following text is from Wilson Audio:

Shoulders of Giants:
At Wilson Audio, we have forged an unwavering path towards “Excellence in All Things” in support of our guiding light, “Authentic Excellence.” Continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible, our passion for delivering an unparalleled listening experience is second to none and every milestone in Wilson Audio's history has paved the way for the exceptional.
In the late seventies David A. Wilson, Wilson Audio’s visionary co-founder, was refining his experiments with adjustable modular arrays and how this time-centric approach to reproduced sound revealed more information in the recordings. Using the latest high-tech development tools available, this legacy still informs and inspires modern loudspeaker innovation.
With its own distinctive identity, Sasha V combines the essence of its predecessors while combining the most effective elements developed for its larger sibling

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