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Meet dCS LINA Silver

New Year, New Look: Meet Lina Silver  


The dCS Lina Network DAC, Master Clock and Headphone Amplifier are now available in dCS’s signature shade of silver, bringing listeners more choice and a striking new finish.

To celebrate Lina’s continued success and the start of an exciting new year for dCS, they're releasing a new silver edition of this iconic system.


2023 was a fantastic year for dCS Lina. dCS's latest product series appeared at audio events worldwide and received several awards for its design and performance, including a coveted EISA award, plus accolades from Tone Audio, Mono & Stereo, AV Forums and High Fidelity in Poland. It also received a 2023 Grand Prix from Stereo Sound magazine in Japan and the Lina Network DAC was named Stereo Sound’s No. 1 Best Buy DAC for 2023-2024.

This means you can now choose from a silver or black finish when purchasing Lina components.

All Lina components are encased in aluminum. Casework is milled to exacting standards from solid billets and then painted to provide a smooth, durable, and tactile finish.

The painted finish on silver Lina components provides a near-exact match with the anodized finish seen on silver Vivaldi, Rossini, and Bartók components – making it the perfect option for listeners who wish to pair Lina equipment with other products from the dCS range.   

The release of this new option builds on dCS's vision to create a versatile system that complements all listening setups and spaces. Listeners can now choose from one of two classic dCS finishes, selecting the look that best fits their tastes, home environment and existing equipment.  

It also caters to the growing number of people looking to combine Lina components with other dCS products in their system – for example, adding a Lina Master Clock to enhance playback with the Bartók APEX DAC further or pairing a Lina Headphone Amplifier with a Rossini or Vivaldi APEX DAC or Player.  

Lina Silver components are available to purchase now. Contact Music Lovers today to place your order.

Find out more about dCS Lina here

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