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System Special: Thor, XLFs, and Nagra in HD.

Wilson Audio & Nagra Audio
Wilson Audio theater in our Berkeley location. Left to right: Wilson Audio WATCH Dog, Wilson Audio Alexx, Nagra Audio HD Amps, Wilson Audio Watch Center 3, Wilson Audio Thor's Hammer subwoofer.

Music and movies have the power to elicit an enormous spectrum of emotions in the listener or viewer. The art and science of sound is an incredible force capable of taking you out of the current moment and transporting you to the exact point in time a recording was made, or a fantasy world in a movie. Music Lovers is addicted to this feeling and the pursuit of crafting and curating music or home theater systems to share this with our customers. We love sharing these moments with you, the shocked "WOW!" moment, the perplexed "how did you do that?" moment, the incredulous "I've never heard it this way before..." moment.

At our Berkeley location, we put together a Wilson Audio home theater system. Wilson Audio's XLF, Watch Center 3, Watch Dog, Thor's Hammer and the Swiss-built Nagra Audio HD Amps.

We decided to put on Thor: Ragnorak to really let the Thor's Hammer feel at home with the Viking god and show it's full capabilities. We have Thor playing through Thor's Hammer through Nagra HD amps. This is Thor on Thor in HD.

This system hits harder and faster than you can imagine. Wilson Audio's dynamics are mind-blowing, the precision is unmatched, and the speed is instantaneous. Coupled with unrelenting power of the Nagra HD amps, we have a system worthy of the Norse gods themselves.

But we know we can't keep this to ourselves. Music Lovers is offering the opportunity to own this system, we are running a special on our floor models for everything pictured so you can have this same experience in your home. Please call our Berkeley location to set up an appointment and to receive more details on this rare offer. 510-558-1000

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