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Wilson Audio Sasha V: Tweeter & Midrange

In anticipation of the upcoming Sasha V release, we explore the Convergent Synergy Carbon tweeter and the AlNiCo QuadraMag driver.

Convergent Synergy Carbon: When Wilson Audio introduced its cutting-edge rear-wave chamber in the Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) Tweeter, initially in Alexx V, the CSC allowed for an extended high-frequency range, remarkably smooth linearity, and superior high-frequency harmonic expression. Cohesively integrating this CSC tweeter with the midrange and woofers has resulted in an impressive improvement to Sasha V’s overall sound quality.

This unique and complex carbon fiber rear-wave chamber is constructed entirely in-house on one of Wilson Audio's many dedicated 3D printers.

Alnico QuadraMag: Achieving a perfect blend between the tweeter and midrange is crucial for accurate and realistic sound reproduction. The R&D team successfully did just that. Wilson Audio’s beloved 7-inch AlNiCo (Aluminum - Nickel - Cobalt) QuadraMag midrange driver sings harmoniously with the CSC tweeter in Sasha V.

If you want the best midrange driver, look no further than the QuadraMag. Its renowned for its unmatched settling and unparalleled ability to reveal a larger soundstage with exceptional dimensionality in the frequency range that humans are most sensitive to. Once only available in the Chronosonic XVX, Alexx V, and the Alexia V, the QuadraMag is now a critical part of Sasha V.

The upper array baffle includes Wilson Audio's proprietary S-Material. This baffle is composed of a unique blend of materials that form a highly stable and low-resonance coupling surface for the midrange driver, thus allowing the natural sonic beauty found in the QuadraMag to bloom.

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