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Audio Research REF160M Listening Party on 9/15 at our Berkeley location

Music Lovers Audio - Audio Research Event 9-15

Join us 9/15 from 1-6p at our Berkeley location for a listening party of the new Audio Research REF160M amplifier. 💥 We'll be joined by Aldo Filipelli of Audio Research, Will Kline of Sonus faber and Grant Samuelson of Shunyata Research. The Reference 160M is the latest amplifier from the legendary Audio Research Corporation. Introducing brand-new circuitry never before used in any of their designs, this amp is mind-blowing American craftsmanship manifest. Refreshments will be served, and fantastic music will be played. If you are interested in Sonus faber or Shunyata cables and power, this is also a great opportunity to learn more and hear the Sonus faber Il Cremonese.

RSVP with your party size by either email or phone: or 510-558-1000

See you there!

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