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Wilson Audio & Music Lovers - Alexia Series 2 West Coast Debut! 8/24 SF, 8/26 Berkeley

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Please join Wilson Audio and the Music Lovers staff at our San Francisco location on Thursday 8/24 from 3pm-7pm, and our Berkeley location on Saturday 8/26 from 2pm-6pm for the West Coast Debut of the magnificent Alexia Series 2!

Current and prospective Wilson Audio followers, owners, and newcomers are all welcome! We will have a fantastic listening party with Peter McGrath of Wilson Audio.

The Alexia Series 2 is Wilson Audio's latest achievement in loudspeaker innovation.

Here are a few of the changes made in the Series 2:

  • Introduction of W-Material (originally developed for the WAMM Master Chronosonic) in the bracing of the midrange module, more impactful midrange and a quicker transient resolve.

  • Higher precision in the tweeter module's time alignment. Adjustable to timing increments below 15 milliseconds for increased transient and dynamic resolution, tonal beauty, and timbral resolution.

  • New Mark V Convergent Synergy Tweeter - same tweeter used in the WAMM Master Chronosonic.

  • Redesign of internal bracing throughout the speaker and redesigned resistor access panel gives the midrange enclosure 26.4% more cabinet volume and the woofer enclosure 10.8% more volume.

Visit Wilson Audio's website for further details about the Alexia Series 2:

Joins us to witness the amazing changes and updates that Wilson Audio has made with the Alexia Series 2, an instant classic.


San Francisco: Thursday 8/24 3pm-7pm

2295 Bush Street (Cross Street Steiner)

San Francisco, CA 94115


Berkeley: Saturday 8/26 2pm-6pm

2116 Blake Street (Cross Street Shattuck)

Berkeley, CA 94704


Refreshments and incredible tunes will be provided.

Please RSVP with your party size, space is limited:

Berkeley: 510-558-1000

San Francisco: 415-345-8111

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