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Event: Wilson Audio & Music Lovers - Alexia Series 2 Release

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Music Lovers will host Wilson Audio for two nights in August at each location to debut Wilson Audio's newest advance in speaker innovation - the Alexia Series 2.

Check out the official press release from Wilson Audio on the Alexia Series 2:

The Music Lovers staff will be joined by Peter McGrath of Wilson Audio.

Please stay tuned for more details in the coming days to find out RSVP info! This will be an unforgettable experience! As always, drinks and refreshments will be served. All are welcome!

Dates & Location:

August 24th - Music Lovers San Francisco 3p-7p

2295 Bush St.

San Francisco, CA 94115

August 26th - Music Lovers Berkeley 2p-6p

2116 Blake St.

Berkeley, CA 94704

Watch the video below to get another inside peek!

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