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Unveiling Wilson Audio Sasha V Loudspeakers: A Testament to the Pursuit of Authentic Excellence

At Music Lovers, your destination for unrivaled audio experiences, we are thrilled to introduce the highly anticipated release of a true marvel from the iconic Wilson Audio. We're beyond excited to present the Wilson Audio Sasha V loudspeaker, a testament to Wilson Audio's relentless pursuit of sonic brilliance and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Our demo pair is currently being manufactured and we expect them to arrive late July 2023. Keep following us for updates.


Shoulders of Giants


Since their inception, Wilson Audio has been guided by the principles of "Excellence in All Things" and "Authentic Excellence." With every milestone achieved, they have paved the way for the exceptional, continuously raising the bar for delivering an unparalleled listening experience. The Sasha V Loudspeakers embody the culmination of decades of tireless innovation, propelled by the passion for creating an auditory masterpiece.

The Sasha V Loudspeakers pay homage to the visionary co-founder of Wilson Audio, David A. Wilson, and his groundbreaking experiments with adjustable modular arrays. These revolutionary concepts, rooted in a time-centric approach to reproduced sound, revealed previously hidden dimensions in recordings. By harnessing the latest advancements in high-tech development tools, Wilson Audio combines tradition with inspiration, allowing the legacy of their past to shape the future of loudspeaker innovation.


In Good Company


Drawing inspiration and technology from its esteemed predecessors like the Chronosonic XVX, Alexx V, and Alexia V, the Sasha V amalgamates the most effective elements developed for its larger siblings, creating a distinctive sonic identity that is truly mesmerizing. Meticulously engineered by Wilson Audio's brilliant team of engineers, Sasha V unravels your favorite recordings in a remarkably unexpected way, all within its relatively compact size.

Crafted with impeccable artistry and thoughtful contours, the Sasha V stands as a sculpted masterpiece, seamlessly integrating into your curated listening space. However, its allure transcends mere aesthetics. Every detail has been accounted for in creating the ultimate version of the Sasha line, ensuring it delivers unparalleled performance in every aspect.


Convergent Synergy Carbon


One of the extraordinary advancements found in the Sasha V is the integration of the Convergent Synergy Carbon (CSC) Tweeter, previously introduced in the esteemed Alexx V. This cutting-edge rear-wave chamber technology extends the high-frequency range, ensuring remarkably smooth linearity and superior high-frequency harmonic expression. By seamlessly integrating the CSC tweeter with the midrange and woofers, the Sasha V achieves an impressive improvement in overall sound quality, captivating even the most discerning ears.

This unique and complex carbon fiber rear-wave chamber is constructed entirely in-house on one of Wilson's many dedicated 3D printers.


AlNiCo QuadraMag


The heart of the Sasha V lies in its exceptional midrange performance, powered by the beloved 7-inch AlNiCo QuadraMag driver. Celebrated for its superb settling and ability to reveal greater soundstage dimensionality, this world-class midrange driver ensures accurate and realistic sound reproduction. Previously only available in the esteemed Chronosonic XVX, Alexx V, and Alexia V, the QuadraMag driver now takes center stage in the Sasha V, allowing its natural sonic beauty to flourish.

Wilson Audio's proprietary S-Material adorns the upper array baffle, providing a highly stable and low-resonance coupling surface for the midrange driver. This synergy allows the QuadraMag's sonic prowess to bloom fully, enhancing your listening experience to unprecedented heights.


Material DNA


Sasha V incorporates the strategic use of V-Material in critical interfaces between the upper module and the top of the woofer cabinet, akin to the design philosophy of the prestigious Alexx V and Alexia V. This novel material offers uncommon vibration control and upper module isolation, ensuring every nuance of your music has faithful reproduction. The Wilson Audio Acoustic Diodes feature recessed V-Material, enabling unparalleled vibration management that highlights the system's dynamics and micro-detail.

Inspired by the beauty of nature, the Sasha V boasts organic flow and harmonious lines that seamlessly integrate the lower and upper enclosures. The structural integrity of both modules is fortified by meticulously milled X-Material internal bracing, ensuring uncompromised performance. The woofer enclosure side walls made from solid X-Material have increased in thickness by 25% compared to the Sasha DAW, enhancing the enclosure's rigidity, density and minimizing resonances. Despite these enhancements, the Sasha V retains its sleek proportions, exuding elegance in any setting.


Premium Ingredients


The Sasha V features an array of upgraded hardware elements, including bespoke Wilson Audio multi-connector binding posts with modified knurling, providing a cleaner signal path and enhanced stability. The choice of spade or banana plug speaker cables offers greater installation flexibility. These multi-connector binding posts are crafted from the purest conducive metallurgies and exemplify Wilson Audio's commitment to delivering refined audio performance.

Furthermore, the Sasha V showcases improved resistor mounting hardware, featuring a sleek carbon fiber backplate and aluminum-framed glass cover reminiscent of the esteemed Alexia V. The inclusion of tool-free, quick-release knurled thumbscrews for the tweeter and midrange resistors facilitates simple servicing, ensuring hassle-free maintenance.

Designed with ease of installation in mind, the Sasha V incorporates a flush-mounted bubble level on the back of the woofer top plate, enabling quick and reliable leveling for optimal performance.

Alongside these remarkable enhancements, the Sasha V boasts a myriad of additional upgrades. External umbilical cables terminated with Wilson Audio spades, a streamlined stylized staircase alignment block, a two-position front spike track in the upper module for precise time alignment adjustments, and the use of Wilson Audio's proprietary V-Cable for all internal connections, ensuring seamless signal transmission throughout the audio path. The custom Wilson Audio cable grip hardware, designed to work in perfect harmony with V-Cable, guarantees a sealed woofer cabinet and efficient cable management, regardless of the upper module alignment.

Wilson Audio's relentless pursuit of excellence extends to the Sasha V's crossovers, which are meticulously handcrafted using world-class components. By eschewing printed circuit boards in favor of labor-intensive point-to-point connections, Wilson Audio avoids the dynamic compression inherent in loudspeakers that rely on PCBs. This meticulous approach ensures an uncompromised sonic experience, free from any constraints.


Wilson Audio Capacitors


Each custom capacitor, used in both of Sasha V’s crossovers, have been wound and completed at Wilson Audio’s in-house capacitor manufacturing department (Reliable Capacitors). These application specific capacitors are tightly spun and then hand- finished to industry-leading tolerances. Wilson Audio has heavily invested in highly sophisticated winding machines that have been solely crafted in Switzerland and the United States for Reliable Capacitors.

One of the many advantages of having RelCap in the building with Wilson Audio is the rapid prototyping of capacitors. An all-new copper version of the AudioCapX-WA capacitor has been recently developed, raising the bar for high-frequency micro detail, and makes its debut in the Sasha V. The AudioCapX-WA capacitors, along with fine-tuning the Sasha V’s crossover topology, have contributed to a new standard of low- level resolution in a playback system.

Every minute detail of Sasha V's design is honed to perfection. From its sleek and refined cabinet to the hand-selected premium materials and finishes, the Sasha V stands as a captivating centerpiece in any listening environment. It is the culmination of Wilson Audio's unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries, captivating discerning audiophiles who appreciate the art of industrial design and seek an emotional connection with their music.

We invite you to embark on a journey of unparalleled sonic bliss with the Sasha V Loudspeakers, exclusively available at Music Lovers. Witness the convergence of the past and the present, as Wilson Audio's legacy intertwines with the latest advancements in audio engineering, delivering an experience that transcends expectations.


Wilson Audio Sasha V Price — U.S. MSRP

Standard Finishes: $48,900

Upgrade Finishes: $49,900

Custom Finishes: $52,900

Premium Finishes: $54,900


Wilson Audio Sasha V Color Options


Wilson Audio Sasha V Specifications:


  • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms / minimum 2.36 ohms @ 82 Hz

  • Sensitivity: 88 dB @ 1W @ 1m @ 1k

  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 32 kHz +/- 3 dB room average response [RAR]

  • Minimum Amplification Power Recommended: 20 watts/channel


  • Woofer: 8 inches (20.32 cm) Cone Material: Paper Pulp

  • Midrange: 7 inches (17.78 cm) Cone Material: Paper Pulp Composite

  • Tweeter: 1 inch, Dome (2.54 cm) Material: Doped Silk Fabric


  • Height: 47 9/32 inches (120.07 cm) w/spikes [Variable]

  • Height: 45 1/16 inches (114.48 cm) w/o spikes [Variable]

  • Width: 14 1/2 inches (36.83 cm)

  • Depth: 23 15/16 inches (60.78 cm)

Enclosure Type

  • Woofer: (Rear ported) Material: X-Material

  • Midrange/Tweeter: (Rear vented) Material: X-Material/Mid-Range baffle "S-Material”

  • Damping Inserts: Material: V-Material

Product Weight

  • Weight Per Channel Uncrated: 245 lbs (111.13 kg)

  • Approximate Shipping Weight: 760 lbs (344.73 kg)

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