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Initiated by Werner Röschlau, who had acquired the necessary qualifications through his activities as a commercial pilot and master mechanical engineer and who knew how to combine these two worlds through his genius, AMG's innovative products were created. His inventiveness, together with his hitherto very successful activity as a supplier for the high-end turntable industry, led to the development of his first own tonearm system, the 9W1 with its unique tonearm bearing principle. The overall excellent reactions and reviews from the analog community then set the starting point for founding AMG in 2011. Other tonearms, such as the 9W2 and the 12J2 - completed by the 9WT and the 12JT - followed and were also able to convince the experts with their high precision and their outstanding tonal properties. These properties, together with the principle always advocated by the founder that only products of the highest quality can convince customers in the long term, then laid the foundations on which the development of the turntables Giro, Viella, and the resulting Viella Forte could build.

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